DIY Ballet Barre

Ballet Barre

Happy Birthday to me indeed!

I’ve been wanting my own ballet barre for quite a while so I can do ballet workouts on my own. For my birthday this year I got the supplies for one and Jordan helped me put it together.

It’s really quite simple and inexpensive to do. I highly recommend it. :)



DIY Ballet Barre

Ballet Barre (1 of 6)For this project, you will need the following:

  • two 10-ft length PVC pipe cut in sections: two 8 1/2″, four 15″, two 28 1/2″, and two 4′
  • four T-connectors
  • two elbow connectors
  • four end pieces
  • PVC glue
  • spray paint

Ballet Barre (6 of 6)
This Ballet Barre is made in three parts, in case it needs to be disassembled for more convenient storage; there are two leg pieces and a top piece.

For each leg you’ll need one 28 1/2″ and two 15″ sections of PVC, a T-connector and two end pieces.

For the top piece, you’ll need two 8 1/2″ and two 4′ sections of PVC, two T-connectors, and two elbow connectors.

Ballet Barre (2 of 6)

Ballet Barre (5 of 6)


When gluing the pieces together, put a coat of PVC glue about 1/2″ thick on both the outside end of the PVC pipe and inside the connector or end piece you’re using. Immediately after gluing each part, push the parts together and all the way in, followed by a quarter turn to secure in place.

Ballet Barre (4 of 6)



Here’s a lovely shot of my sun-burnt honey who made this happen.

He’s modelling the bottom of one of the leg pieces that we so victoriously just put together.

After the two leg pieces and top piece are glued together, spray paint them before final assembly if you wish.

I used a metallic spray paint, and I must say I quite like the result. :)




Ballet Barre



13 Responses to DIY Ballet Barre

  1. Hey I just built my own ballet bar and I want to paint it. I am worried that the Spray Paint will wear off where you touch it and get on the hands and clothes. Have you had any trouble with this?

    • It’s funny you should ask, I have noticed that the paint does rub off a bit on my hands. I wonder if maybe there’s a top coat sealer I could use as well to protect that from happening…

  2. Hi! I love your DIY Ballet Bar instructions…I’ve been wanting a ballet bar for myself as well! Can I ask you how tall the Bar you made stands? I’m only 5’3 and I wanted to make sure of the height to see if I need to make any adjustments. I’m excited to make one of these soon! Thank you for the help!

    • Thanks very much! Mine is about 42 inches tall, which is a pretty standard height for a ballet bar from what I can tell. The fantastic thing about making your own is that you can customize it to fit you! I hope yours turns out great! You should let me know how it goes! I’d love to see a picture!

  3. Thanks for posting this- what a great idea! Are the pvc pipes sturdy at that diameter? I.e. do the dip/bend when you apply weight/pressure?

    • The pipes themselves are very sturdy and don’t bend or dip. I have noticed a little wobbly-ness with the T-legs from time to time if I’m really putting my weight on it though. I like to remember that my ballet instructor would say to grasp the bar like it’s a bunny and not to squeeze so hard- “Don’t kill the bunny!!”. As long as I use it as a reference point, it does the job nicely.

  4. Wouldn’t elbow joints on the end of the legs be more sturdy than the caps and not give you that wobbly feeling? Just curious. Thanks for sharing this with us. You have inspired me.

    • I’m glad that you liked the post! I have seen some others with elbow joints on the bottom and have wondered the same thing. Mine works for me! (For now, at least!) I haven’t tried this myself, but I’d be very interested to know… if you try this, let me know how it goes!

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