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Lawn Mower Drag Racing

Lawn Mower Racing

Apparently, this is actually a real thing. During our visit to “All Wheels Weekend”, we got to see some extreme lawn mower racing. This has to be the most red-neck sport I’ve ever heard of. The whole experience was surreal.

lawn dragster 6lawn dragster 5

The racers and the lawn mowers didn’t disappoint. They had machines that were getting up to 55 mph within 60 feet! Many of the lawn mowers had to have wheel extensions in the back to keep their machines on the ground while they were practically flying down the track. lawn dragster 2lawn dragster 1And the racers were super competitive about it, with grudge matches and all.

So evidently, this isn’t just something that happens once a year! A quick search of “Outlaw Lawn Dragsters” took me to their website (albeit outdated) where you can see their lawn dragster 4lawn dragster 3entire season schedule! Apparently this crew races throughout the Northwest from May to September!

I keep thinking that this would be the perfect subject matter for a Will Ferrell movie. Somebody really needs to get on that! :)